08-19-19 A Summer Storm

It was 10 pm when I was finally ready to leave the shop this evening. The kids had spent a good part of the day in the office and I knew they were ready to go home too. As I gathered my things to go, I looked outside and noticed that it was raining. Well, not just raining… down pouring. You could barely see across the parking lot.

I had no desire to try to load three tired children into the van with that much rain, let alone drive in it, so I decided we could wait it out. For about 5 minutes we let the boys play outside as the rain poured down. When we started seeing lightning and hearing thunder, I called them in and they were drenched. In a matter of moments, the storm really hit and the temperature dropped dramatically.

With no air conditioning at the shop, the swift cool breeze made a world of difference. The dripping children started to shiver as they stood in the wind caused by the propped open door. They squealed and ran around the office, wired from a long day of sitting followed by the refreshing shower.

It took nearly an hour for the storm to subside enough that I was comfortable loading them and driving them home. When we got home, three groggy little kids dragged themselves upstairs and straight to sleep.

I’ve washed the dust of the day off me and I am ready for sleep as well.

Our shop has a ridiculously large fan on the ceiling, which comes in handy when we are allowed to turn it on. We cannot run it when the spray booths are going, so on days like today it sat silent. I swear it’s the size of a helicopter propeller!

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