09-06-19 The Hill

“Mommy, can I go down this hill?” Big E called to me from his bicycle. He was about 30 feet up the street from me, his bike facing the grassy slope next to the road. I was walking next to Baby E as he hurried to catch up with his siblings on his balance bike.

I did a quick assessment of the area in front of Big E, and from where I stood it looked fine. A typical ditch next to a street, maybe six feet at its lowest point and then a slope up the other side. I gave him the go ahead and with a smile he started down the hill.

The next thing I knew he flew over his handlebars and went out of sight. A second later he popped up. “Mom, you said it would be ok!!”

I ran over to check on him and as I got closer I noticed that at the bottom of the ditch there was an additional small drainage area etched out from rainwater. His front wheel had caught on it, causing him to do his aerial stunt. Thankfully he didn’t even get a scratch and we laughed at how silly it looked to see him fly through the air.

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