09-16-19 These Apples

These might look like normal apples. I’m sure they taste like normal apples, but we will never know because by the end of this week they should be dolls.

Yes… Dolls.

Apparently back in the day… I mean way back in the day… people used to make dolls from apples. There weren’t toy stores back then and disposable income wasn’t really a thing, so they made their toys with what was available. And in the case of colonial Americans in the Appalachian mountains and New England, they often used apples.

So for our art class this week we will be making them as well. They are going to take several days to make, I’ll check in each evening and let you know how it’s going. Hopefully by Thursday or Friday they should be done!

Before reading about these dolls today, I had never heard of them. Have you or anyone you know ever tried making one?

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