09-24-19 A Night at the Alamo

Tim often makes fun of me over the fact that I watch the same shows over and over again. I’m a sucker for British dramas, as I have said here many times. So when I am working, there is usually one playing in the background.

The other day Baby E came running up to me and told me that he and his siblings were playing Downton Abbey and that he was allowed to turn into the black Spiderman whenever he wanted.

Mixed genres aside, my kids really enjoy Downton Abbey- at least the parts I let them watch. I fast forward through the adult stuff when they are watching, but they enjoy seeing the weddings and hearing the accents. They have each chosen a favorite character, and get excited when they come onscreen.

When I heard the Downton movie was coming out, clearly I couldn’t take the kids (though Baby E begged to go.) My sister said she would come with me if no one else wanted to join me. Tim said, since every movie he has seen in the past 10 years in the theatre was a Marvel movie, he would branch out and take me, but I could tell he wasn’t thrilled. But I was sure I could do better than those offers! I called up my sister-in-law and she said yes!

So this evening, Laura and I, along with about 30 gray haired women (and a few gray haired men that accompanied them) went and saw Downton Abbey. We saw it at an Alamo Drafthouse, which neither of us had been to before. We ordered dinner and ate as we watched the movie.

The film was about what I expected… It had some fun moments and some sad ones. It wasn’t the best film I’ve ever seen, but it was enjoyable and I’m glad we got out to see it. The best part was spending the evening with my dear sister and friend!

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