09-29-19 Big E and the Pallet Buster

Tim and I have taken on a side project that we are really excited about. I won’t be going into a whole lot of details at this point, but it involves disassembling a bunch of wood pallets.

So this afternoon while Tim was picking up C from a visit with her cousins, the boys and I spent time breaking some pallets down. We have a pallet buster, which helps considerably. Both the boys wanted to help so I let them take turns using it. Baby E lost interest pretty quickly, but Big E really enjoyed himself and pretty much disassembled a large pallet all by himself.

On top of breaking down the pallets, you also have to get the nails out of the boards so I split my time between break down and hammering out nails. I was really happy with how much we got accomplished in just a few hours and I am particularly proud of how Big E chipped in. He’s a kid that loves to work with his hands and this was a perfect outlet.

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