10-03-19 My Favorite Pumpkin

It’s October now and I’ve started to see the fall decorations going up. It’s a fun time of year with pumpkins, hayrides, fall festivals, and corn mazes.

When C was three years old she was attending a preschool program at our church. She absolutely loved it and every week she would come home with crafts and papers she had worked on.

One week in October we were told they were going to be painting small pumpkins and to dress accordingly. When I saw C that evening she triumphantly handed me her pumpkin. She was so incredibly proud of it.

I was confused for a moment because it just looked like a pumpkin… an orange pumpkin with a green stem. But then I looked closer. It was indeed painted. She had painted the body of it orange and the stem green!

I had to stifle a laugh as I told her what an amazing job she had done on it and we displayed it proudly for weeks. Over the years the kids have painted or carved many pumpkins, but that one is by far my favorite!

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