10-09-19 The Walnut Saga (Part 2)

If you are wondering, my hands are still quite stained. I have washed and scrubbed and encouraged in every way imaginable the stains to disappear, but they have only slightly faded. I still look ridiculous.

But on a positive note, the kids helped me lay out the remaining walnuts (from this current batch) onto shelves set on the driveway. The hope is that 1- the squirrels don’t run off with them, and 2- the sunlight will hasten their drying so that I can hull them easier.

Today the mesh bags that I ordered showed up and I was able to place all of the hulled walnuts into one and hang it in the garage for further drying. I have also acquired a large box of nitrate disposable gloves, which should ensure no more happy little stain accidents in the future.

So, as you can see, aside from the unfortunate burnt marshmallow thumbs, the experiment is going well!

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