10-12-19 Walnuts, Shadows, and Books

As I watch the sun dip down beneath the horizon a little earlier each day, I know it is coming- The long winter. My heart races a bit when I think back to the dark commutes to work, followed by the dark commutes home to dark evenings with dark dinners. With the dark came the illnesses, the constant barrage of sickness and injuries that marched us through the cold winter months. The long nights when Tim worked late and I nursed sick children and then dragged myself to the office the following day if they were well enough to leave.

Everyday I have to remind myself that it isn’t the same. The dark evenings don’t matter so much because I have the kids during the day now too. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was under the weather this morning, so today was pretty lazy. We collected more black walnuts from under a neighbor’s tree. I sat on the driveway and hulled a huge pile and spread them on the shelves to dry in the sun. I bagged up the ones I had dried over the past few days and hung them in the garage to finish curing. We will be opening them soon.

I checked our persimmon tree and the fruit is not quite ripe and I still don’t know if the wild grapes are poisonous, so I need to research that. I’m contemplating getting a bushel of apples and making jars of apple sauce and apple butter and maybe some cider.

This evening as the kids traced their shadows on the driveway in chalk, I sat with a book and read to them. They have taken a liking to mysteries, and I had recently picked one up I thought they might enjoy. It was an easier lift than our previous book and a faster read. We stopped for dinner, and after we ate, we curled up on the couch and I continued to read. My plan was to only go through a few chapters, but the kids were so engrossed, and I enjoy reading to them so much that we ended up going through all 142 pages! That was over two hours of straight reading and my voice was definitely feeling it by the last few chapters.

They are all asleep now and I am enjoying the last few minutes of quiet before I crawl in bed myself. Goodnight, friends.

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