10-17-19 Green Noah

I spent some time this afternoon looking at Halloween costumes for the kids. C has outgrown most of her dress up clothes. I can always fall back on superheroes for the boys, so they really aren’t a concern.

As I was browsing amazon, I came across a really cute prairie girl outfit and the thought struck me that maybe C would like to dress up as Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. I did a quick search and found a boys’ outfit too, so if he wanted to be, Big E could be Almonzo. Boom! Perfectly dorky, perfectly splendid homeschool-kid-halloween costumes!

I brought up the images for the kids to see and they were immediately on board.

“But who am I going to be?” asked Baby E. Good question. Most of the characters in the books are girls.

“You could be the dog, Jack!” C answered.

“No.” Baby E replied.

“You could be a horse. There were lots of horses in the books!”

“No,” he responded. “I know!! I want to be Green Noah!!!”

Now, if the dog in the Little House on the Prairie books is an obscure literary reference for a Halloween costume, Green Noah takes the cake. I mentioned recently that we were reading a book called “The Children of Green Knowe.” (spoilers ahead!) In the book, the main character is visiting his great-grandmother who has a rambling English garden filled with bushes trimmed to be different animals. There’s a deer, a peacock, a squirrel, and more. But the most sinister is “Green Noah.” Green Noah was a tree that many years ago had been shaped into the figure of Noah (to guide and watch over the animals) but it was eventually cursed by an angry Gypsy woman, and because of that no one trimmed it any more, and it became overgrown and scary and one day it uproots itself and tries to attack the main character of the story. Thankfully it is struck by lightning and in the end Green Noah ends up as firewood.

So… that’s who Baby E wants to be… Green Noah… an angry, overgrown tree statue that attacks people and gets struck by lightning. This is the costume he picked out…

PS- we haven’t settle on anything definite yet.

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