10-24-19 Cake Pop Day!

One day a year.

That’s how often I buy my kids cake pops from Starbucks. (I’m not against my kids having them and if other people choose to buy them for them, I don’t stop them) but Tim and I decided early on that we didn’t want to equate coffee shops with ‘treats’ in the kids’ minds. That way we don’t have to deal with them begging for a pastry every time we walk in the door. To them Starbucks is for adults, except one day a year.

Flu Shot Day.

I’ve made it a tradition that after getting their flu shots, I take the kids to Starbucks and they get to pick out a cake pop. This makes the prospect of getting their shot a little more appealing. (not much, but a little more!)

This morning as we sat at breakfast, I told them that we would be getting cake pops today and I asked them if they knew what that meant. C thought for a moment and then piped up, “Does that mean we are getting our flu shots?” Smart girl. At the promise of the cake pop, no one complained as we made our way to the pediatrician’s office. The kids did great and more than earned their reward. After stopping at the pharmacy to get my own, we drove through Starbucks.

And even though we only live a few minutes away, those pops were gone by the time we pulled into the driveway!

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