11-05-19 Free Smells

Baby E has hated bread since the day he was born. Well, probably not that early, but since his very first bite. I can count on one hand the number of times he has actually eaten a slice of bread in his life because there isn’t one thing about bread that he finds redeeming.

With that in mind, this past year we discovered his absolute least favorite place in the world- Jimmy Johns. When you first step in you are hit with the overpowering smell of fresh baked bread- which most people find divine. But not Baby E. As soon as we walk in he sticks his fingers up his nose to negate any possibility of even the smallest whiff of baking bread stench to work its way into his nostrils. And there his fingers will remain until we walk outside and he can once again breathe life giving oxygen.

This boy turns 5 tomorrow!!

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