11-08-19 My Day in Photos

I woke up this morning and made calzones for the family for today. Since I can’t have normal cheese, I cut the slots on the top of the calzones I’ll be eating differently than the normal cheese one so I can tell them apart after they are cooked. This morning that resulted in a hilarious outcome. Don’t worry, he was delicious.

Then I got the chance to get all dolled up for my day at the shop. It’s a far cry from my typical editing outfits (which are literally my pajamas.) What?!? Style and safety all in one convenient package?? Nope, just safety. No style here, folks, move along.Onto milestone news! I sanded an entire skid of panels on my own today, which is a first. We won’t mention that it was a small skid, or that I needed help moving a few of the panels because they were too big for me. We’ll just stick to the fact that I got it done. 🙂

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