11-17-19 The Sauce Delivery

I stared at the metal shelving unit against the wall at the shop. Most of the shelves were empty, but we had recently gotten a delivery and it was my job to check on it. As I got closer, I noticed the bottom shelf was crammed full of jars… of spaghetti sauce… Lots of them… At least 30-40 jars. And on either side of the those, there were also five gallon buckets of sauce.

I got closer to see if I could read the labels so I could make sure they were the correct brand when I noticed a yellow clearance sticker on every single one of them. Oh no!

“Tim! Look at these! This is not good. All of this sauce is about to expire!” I said in frustration. It seemed like such a waste, as we could never use it all before it went bad.

“Don’t worry,” Tim replied as he grabbed one of the five gallon pails. “We can still use them even if they go bad.” And with that he walked off to hook the five gallon bucket of spaghetti sauce up to his spray gun to stain the next set of panels red.

That’s when I woke up.

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