12-10-19 Alcohol is (not) the answer…

I’ve mentioned here before that I don’t drink much alcohol. I can’t stand the flavor, and it pretty much puts me to sleep within minutes. So I really don’t see the point.

Except when I’m sick. An annoying thing happens when I come down with a cold and I have a sore throat. I cannot sleep with a sore throat, even if it is mild. It will keep me up all night. Years ago I got the idea to drink a glass of wine when I had a sore throat just so I could sleep. It worked. The wine knocked me out and I woke up in the morning without the sore throat. It was amazing.

The other night I laid down with a sore throat. I haven’t been sleeping well at night anyway since the surgery, but the sore throat made it impossible. I was up nearly all night and I was worthless the next day. So the next evening I had a glass of wine and got the best sleep I have had in ages. The next day I was discussing this with my sister while Baby E was in the room.

Fast forward to this evening when my sister and I were discussing how sore we are when we wake up from sleeping in odd positions. Baby E pipes up with excitement, “Do you know what would help with that?!?! ALCOHOL!!”

Apparently he now believes that alcohol is the solution for all that ails mortal man. Stubbed toe? Alcohol. Sore muscles? Alcohol. An annoying cough? Alcohol.

Lest we should sound like a family of alcoholics, please ignore any medical advice that Baby E feels necessary to give, rest assured it was not sanctioned by either Tim or myself!

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