01-23-16 Snow Day!

12-15 inches of snow later and we are still having fun! It was too windy to get the kids outside today, but we are looking forward to some pretty fun snow adventures tomorrow. We did get to spend some more time with our favorite neighbors. We visited and made snow cream and ate it with fresh out of the oven brownies. Tim and I did some snow shoveling so our sidewalk is at least temporarily clear.

We spent our day watching movies, cleaning (C washed her very first load of dishes!!), and playing games. Now the kids are in bed and Tim and I are watching Star Wars.

One of the things that I love about snow is how it changes the way everything sounds. When I lived in NYC I used to love it when it snowed because for at least a brief amount of time, the snow would dampen the sounds of the city and it would be strangely quiet. It happens here too, the effect is just not as extreme. I like looking out at night and seeing the light from the streetlamps reflecting off the snow and watching the wind push bursts of snow past my window. And nothing beats cuddling up on the couch with my sweetheart and a cup of hot cocoa to end my day!

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