01-24-16 Snow! Snow! Snow!

My body is sore.

I can feel the pain in my hands and my legs and my back- a not so gentle reminder that I have a sedentary job. We spent nearly four hours outside in the snow today sledding, shoveling, and climbing snow mountains.

One of my earliest memories was from sledding with my father. We were living in an apartment in Greenbelt, and I was less than two years old. The hill seemed huge to me, but having seen it since, I know it was actually quite small. We had a long sled and my dad sat in the back and I sat in the front. I remember us picking up speed as we went down the hill, and since the majority of the weight was on the back of the sled, the snow flew up and hit me in the face. The shock of the cold snow on my face sent me into near hysterics, and my dad returned me to my mom inside, who consoled me by cleaning off my face. It was a long time before I went sledding again.

When we were growing up, the farm house that we lived in was on a few acres of completely flat land. On the outskirts of a large cornfield and near a road, there were not many places to sled. The few hills that were nearby would have been perfect for sledding if they didn’t deposit you into the river below. We owned a blue sled, which in retrospect was probably pretty pointless. I remember one year my dad made an igloo for us and the next day it had frozen over so we turned it into a sledding hill.

We never had a snow like this one, and I am completely enjoying watching my kids revel in it. C keeps pretending she is Elsa, and for once I am okay going along with her. If she can’t be Elsa when it snows, then when can she be, right? And Big E wants to shovel out all the cars. They both ate way too much snow, and there was more than one occasion that I had to remind them that they shouldn’t be eating the blackened or gray snow. I thought that was a no-brainer, but apparently not! They spent hours playing with their cousins and the neighborhood kids, while the adults shoveled and talked.

My work has already called off for the next two days, so I am looking forward to more time outside with the kids. Also, I am hoping to make a much needed coffee run tomorrow. And we might actually get Baby E out in the snow. He was down for naps during the times we went out today.

Or maybe we will do none of that if we wake up too sore to move! Ha!


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