02-21-16 Sunday Essentials


There are two very important things that we do every single Sunday.

1- We go to church. We might not make it on time. We might be a little frazzled. But we are there. It’s important to us to get that time with fellow believers and enjoy the opportunity to hear God’s word. I love watching my kids in their classes and seeing what they are learning and the friends they are making. Each week I help my mother-in-law with some of the smallest kids by teaching them songs they can sing in front of the congregation. It’s fun to watch them as the weeks pass get more confident with each song. I love sitting in service, singing the praise and worship songs and the hymns. And I look forward to listening to the sermon and seeing it applied practically to my life.

2-  Take a nap. While this activity is not nearly as important as going to church, it is something we try not to miss out on. Tim and I both get up pretty early each day and we have long commutes and our days sometimes just feel endless. Often Saturdays are filled with obligations, so when we can, we don’t plan anything on Sunday except our family nap time. We come home from church, eat lunch, and all lay down for a couple of hours. It makes such a difference in our ability to conquer our week.

Sure our Sundays aren’t exciting but they are definitely peaceful… and in a house with three little kids, that is a welcome reprieve!


Baby E helped himself to the pretzels this morning. This was probably the highlight of his day. 

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