02-22-16 Let me take a picture!

Let me take a picture, Big E pleaded as we waited at the bus stop this morning.

When C was younger we used to let her get on the iPad and play games. We quickly learned that she could not handle having the iPad taken away from her and it would send her into hysterics. We made the decision then to keep the kids interaction with adult technology to a minimum. As a result of that, Big E has never really played on the iPad and he rarely touches my phone. C does have a LeapPad that she is allowed to play on at times and Big E has a Mobigo, but besides those, the kids don’t get handheld screen time. I know they will need to know this technology as they grow up, but I am sure they will have plenty of exposure as they get older.

As an exception to the rule this morning I let them both take a few pictures at the bus stop. C took a cute one of me and Big E.


I should also note that she took a considerable number of pictures of Aunt Laura’s door, and a passing car because it was pretty. (It wasn’t actually pretty.)

Big E wanted a turn, so I hesitantly gave him the phone. I showed him which button to hit to take the photo and he was beaming with pride after he took a photo of me and C.


Good job, buddy! Next time we will work on aim!

You see the Rainbow Dash toy in C’s hand? She got that from her Happy Meal last night and she couldn’t wait to take it to school today. She insisted she wouldn’t lose it and she really wanted her friends to see it. This evening she told me that one of her friends is going to keep it for three days and then C will keep it for three days and then it will go back and forth (probably for all eternity.) I highly doubt we will be seeing this toy again. Somehow this kid sweet-talked her way into taking my kid’s toy. I’m not upset, but I’m curious to see how this will all go down when C doesn’t get her toy back!




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