03-30-16 My generous one

During dinner, Big E had eaten his food and I told him he could get something out of his Easter basket. He spent a few minutes Eeny Meeny Miny Mo-ing it before he landed on a pack of Smarties. He came over the to the table where Tim and I were still eating and he asked me, “Is it ok if I share my smarties?”

Wow, this kid. I told him it’s always nice to share and he promptly gave me a smartie. And a few moments later he handed me the very last smartie in his pack. That’s the thing about Big E, this is the second night in a row that he has given me the very last smartie, and he does it without hesitation and with a smile. (Both nights I told him I was happy that he thought to give it to me, but I wanted him to eat it, which he promptly did.) His generosity always astounds me. I hope he keeps and nurtures that generous spirit as he grows. Such a sweet boy!

Meanwhile I don’t have any pictures him today. So… Here are the other savages!

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