03-31-16 Chase The Cat

I’m going to write a book, she said resolutely as she sat down at the table.

C loves to read. She loves to write. She loves to learn. And it’s fun to see her getting more creative. The other day she wrote her first book. It has a total of six pages, but I was very impressed that the story made pretty good sense and she didn’t ask for any help with spelling. She was very proud of it when she was done and asked to take the notebook into school to show her teacher. Thankfully it came home again and I got to document it!

Point Blur_Mar312016_210457

“Chase the Cat” By C___ P___


One morning there was a man and a cat, but


The cat ran from the man.


Then the man went inside the cabin.


But he saw his cat and kittens.


Then they went back home.

The End.

Good job, C! Mommy is proud of you!

In other news, Baby E has… wait for it… another ear infection! Actually, the doctor thinks the last ear infection didn’t quite clear up so it came back. Ugh. Poor kid! He’s on another antibiotic, this time for ten days. I will be so very happy when the warm weather is here to stay and I can say goodbye to all the germs! This poor kid has had such a rough winter and I just want to see him catch a break!

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