06-21-16 Quiet

It’s quiet in my house tonight, made quieter since it rained this evening and the ground is saturated and absorbing the sound the same way it soaked up the water. Tonight Baby E was sad. I think for the first time in days he missed his brother and sister. When I got him home this evening he cried unconsolably, but when he was done he asked for a waffle and then shortly thereafter he went to sleep.

And while he has barely thought of his siblings since they left, I have thought of them almost constantly, and I miss them terribly. I keep thinking I hear them, or see them in the corner of my eye. It’s hard to turn off years of mommy instincts for a few days!!

I had dinner with some friends this evening and it was delightful.

I got some more pics of the kids from the past few days. Again, it looks like they are having a blast! I’m glad to hear they aren’t homesick and enjoying their time away!

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