06-22-16 Beach Time

Baby E and I spent our evening on the beach. He wanted to wade out into the water this evening, so I held his hand and he toddled around. The sun was behind the clouds and there were only a few people there, so for the most part it was very relaxing. He positioned himself on the edge of the shore, just within reach of the small breaking waves and he dug in the sand and water for what seemed like forever. He talked about the stones he found and the ducks that walked by. He smiled at the other kids and squished his toes in the wet sand. He has really come full circle in the few short weeks we have been going to the beach. Now I have to drag him away from the water kicking and screaming!

It is day six of the kids being at my parents’ house. They are still having fun and their days are filled with adventures. Four more days and they will be home! I can’t wait!

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