06-24-16 Day Eight

This is day eight of the big kids being away and this is what I have learned…


1- Baby E can eat a lot of waffles. He eats two in the morning and two at night every day. Before you jump to the conclusion that all he eats is waffles, he usually has eggs in the evening to go along with them, and usually in the morning the sitter feeds him again when I drop him off.


2- Just today he started using the word ‘paci’ for pacifier. Up until today, he just said “baba” for both paci and bottle, leading to much confusion.


3- He doesn’t like ranch dressing. I’m not sure how this happened… It’s possible he was switched at birth. 


4- He has learned to give honest to goodness kisses. He used to just ram his large head into your face when you asked for a kiss. Now he leans in gentle and puckers up his sloppy lips, and aims for your lips or cheek.

This has been an amazing week of getting to know this little fellow better. With three small kids in the house, it is hard sometimes to get one on one time with each of them, so I am so grateful for our time this week. While I miss C and Big E terribly, I have enjoyed watching Baby E come into his own. He is such a sweet, affection, strong willed, silly, fun little guy!

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