06-25-16 Tim is home!

If you know us, or perhaps can read between the lines, you will know that Tim has been gone for the entire week. He left on Sunday for a mission trip to Toronto and returned this evening. Since this is a public blog, and I care very much about the safety of my children, I don’t like to shout it from the rooftops when he isn’t here. With him being away for the week, it seemed like a convenient time for the big kids to visit my parents, leaving just me and Baby E to hold down the fort. I must say that with only the two of us in the house all week, it was really, really quiet around here! I also realized that if I don’t have anyone else to cook for, I literally do not cook. We had scrambled eggs for every dinner that we were here at home. Blessedly, we were also invited to dinner for a few nights. 🙂

Baby E was very excited to see his daddy walk in the door this evening and I know the feeling was mutual. Tomorrow we pick up the big kids and our family will all be together again. I have missed them all so much and I really can’t wait for them to be back!

This evening we got to celebrate the birthday of a very special little boy who turned 5 this past week- our dear, sweet nephew Daniel. Happy Birthday, Daniel! We love you and we had a lot of fun at your party!

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