07-19-16 Boardwalk and Bedtime Cuddles

As I drove home this evening, I decided to take the kids to the beach after picking them up. It has been a little while since we have been there, and while it was hot outside, it didn’t rival the heat we had last week. However, once I picked up the kids I found out that C had run outside in her bare feet and had cut the bottom of her foot. It certainly looks worse than it is, and it isn’t causing her too much pain, but the thought of her getting sand in it made me rethink our trip to the beach, so instead we went to the boardwalk and walked around for awhile.


The sunset was perfect this evening.

The big kids enjoyed running up and down the pier and climbing up to look over the edge to spot jellyfish while Baby E made friends with everyone he passed. At the first sign of a meltdown, I packed up the kids and we headed home.

After dinner, everyone was ready for bed, so after laying Baby E in his crib, I crawled into C’s bed for some much needed cuddle time. I loved having her arms around my neck and her face resting up against me. After some time with her, I moved over to Big E. He stroked my face and showered me with kissed while I laid next to him.

No matter what kind of day I am having, I can be assured that a few quiet moments with my loves can set just about anything right!

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