07-20-16 Time for a giveaway!!

If you have spent any amount of time around small children, I think you would conclude as I do that their minds and mouths are incredibly unpredictable. They have the ability to vacillate between sometimes painful truthfulness and outlandish fantasy. Sometimes what they say is completely hilarious, sometimes it hits a little too close to home, and often it is heart meltingly sweet and compassionate.

And there are also the phrases that they throw out that make you stare at them slightly dumbfounded, shaking your head in disbelief. Did my kid just say that? 

So I’ve compiled a short list of phrases that my children have tried out on me, that I’ll be honest, drive me crazy!

1- Why do I have to do everything?!?! We were sitting down for dinner this evening when C, who was holding a foam sword gestured with it and knocked over her cup of water. I handed her a dish towel and she looked at me and said emphatically, Why do I have to do everything?!?! Ummm. Come again. Last time I checked kid, Daddy and I pay the bills, cook the food, wash the dishes, do the laundry and so many more things you never even realize! Not sure where you learned this phrase, as it isn’t one we use around our house. We each contribute what we can to make our home run as smoothly as possible, and as you get older, you will be contributing more and more! 🙂

2- I’m scared!! Now inherently this phrase is not bad. I totally understand that little kids get scared. They have crazy imaginations that can turn dark rooms into creepy caves, and staircases into insurmountable mountains… however, when I am standing in the hallway and ask you to go to the bathroom three feet away from me, the phrase I’m scared loses all meaning!

3- I’m too tired! I’m not sure how it is in your house, but my children are amazing balls of energy, dancing and singing and playing right up until the very moment I say it is time for bed. All of a sudden everyone gets jelly legs and are suddenly incapable of climbing the stairs or brushing their teeth.

4- But he likes it!! I’m pretty sure when you run up to Baby E and try to tickle him, or hug him and he lets out that unearthly scream that can leave your eardrums ringing, its probably a sure fire sign that HE DOES NOT LIKE IT!

5 I don’t like that. This phrase in connection with me placing a freshly cooked meal in front of my kids has the ability to send small children to their rooms to think about their culinary choices. After all, MAN CANNOT LIVE ON PB&J ALONE!!!

I’m sure there are more that aren’t coming to mind, but these are definitely the ones that get the most play in our house. Now it is your turn. What phrases do your kids say that get you every time!

Leave a comment and Baby E will randomly pick a winner to receive an awesome-yet-to-be-decided prize delivered straight to your door via amazon prime! Have fun! 


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