07-22-16 A bad night for noses.

I have a headache tonight, the result of a rather silly episode today. C and I were sitting, talking and having fun. I leaned down to hug her at the same time that she leapt up to give me a hug. The top of her head rammed full force into my nose, and I heard a small pop and instant searing pain! I thought for sure she had broken it as I ran downstairs to get Tim. He found a bag of frozen peas in the freezer that we used as a makeshift ice pack (note to self- buy an icepack that can conform to any surface) and I kept it on my face for awhile. Surprisingly, my nose did not start bleeding. It has been a few hours, and thankfully the worst pain has mostly subsided and I am not black and blue, however my entire nose is tender and I have a dull pain that goes from the tip of my nose up to my forehead and behind my eyes. I took some ibuprofen. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be better!

A little while later, Tim took C aside to explain to her what happened- not that we were angry, but that she needed to be careful with her head and make sure she is paying attention. At the end of their conversation she jumped up to give Tim a hug… and yup, you guessed it.. she rammed her head into Tim’s mouth and nose!! Thankfully the bag of peas was still mostly frozen, but the poor guy did come away with a bloody lip and a headache.

And C was pretty upset too. I think our reaction frightened her and we had to assure her once again that she wasn’t in trouble, but please, please be careful with your head!! 

So if you see Tim and I with matching bruises this weekend, just pretend that you don’t notice and we will all be ok! 🙂


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