07-23-16 Our little game


C and I went to the beach this morning before the sun got too high. We made up a game in which we were assigned a certain number of steps we were allowed to take, for example- four. We would walk the four steps and then look at the sand around us and pick up the most interesting thing we could find. Then we would compare and see who had the more interesting object and whoever won that round got a point. We played for awhile and collected shells, rocks, small sticks, chunks of wood, and glass. It didn’t take long before the heat got the best of us and we wandered home in search of breakfast.

The rest of our day was spent running errands and trying to stay cool in this atrocious heat. It’s supposed to be like this for a few days and we certainly aren’t looking forward to it!

Big E was under the weather yesterday, but woke up this morning feeling fine. Today he was a trooper going out with us, but he tired out pretty easy and kept asking if we could go home and take a nap. Poor guy! The few times I tried to snap a picture of him he just looked glazed over.  Baby E, on the other hand, was in an exceptionally good mood and greeted just about everyone we passed.

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