07-27-16 Night Terrors


Baby E had his first night terror last night (not to be confused with a nightmare!) C used to get them quite often when she was younger, but hasn’t had one in about a year. Big E has had a few, but not many. Last night was Baby E’s first. I knew almost immediately that it was a night terror because the screaming coming from his room sounded different. All of my kids have had a unique “night terror” scream that I’ve only ever heard during these episodes.

I went into his room and tried to connect with him but he screamed and flailed and shoved. I tried picking him up and he hit me and scratched at me. I tried giving him a bottle and he threw it. I took him out of his room and walked him around and still he screamed that horrible, terrifying scream. I took him downstairs and set him in his chair. He just got more violent. He would scream at me, staring me down and yet not seeing me at all. I carried him back up to his room. After laying him back in bed, him still screaming at the top of his lungs, he suddenly relaxed and I could see that he had finally snapped out of it. His eyes opened wide and he smiled at me. He reached for his bottle and playfully handed it back to me. He said he was sleepy and wanted to go night night and as I tucked him into his covers he giggled and smiled.

Man I hate night terrors. I loathe them. Thankfully, though, the kids do not remember them.

But I certainly do.

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