07-28-16 Packing


I started our packing list for our upcoming vacation and I have come to the startling conclusion that we are going to need a semi. You would think that the upgrade to the minivan would have been sufficient, but do you even realize how much stuff has to come with us when we travel?!?

Here’s a sample of our packing list (mind you, this is only a sample.)

1 suitcase for me and Tim.

1 suitcase for the kids.

1 Pack N Play for Baby E.

2 small cots for the big kids to sleep on.

4 camping chairs.

1 portable booster/high chair thing for Baby E.

1 bag for all things outdoorsy- to include, but not limited to, swimsuits, towels, puddle jumpers, swim diapers, bug spray, and sunblock.

1 umbrella stroller

1 box of diapers and wipes

2-4 pillows

2 blankets

1 electronics bag to include camera, phone chargers, flashlights, etc.

1 medicine bag with baby inhaler, Rx’s, baby Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.

1 food bag for the drive to include various small snacks and drinks.

1 diaper bag with diapers, pacis, bottles, etc.

2 small kids backpacks to be filled with toys and entertaining things for the kids in the car and at destination.

Whew! I’m exhausted and I haven’t even packed it yet!

Seriously, we are barely going to fit in the van after it’s loaded!! But that’s ok. We are all chomping at the bit to get away, so we will make it work!!

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