07-29-16 My best girl


I ran across this photo taken six years ago today of me 37 weeks pregnant with C. When I look at the me staring back at me I acknowledge that I had no idea how my life would soon be changing. I was terribly scared, terrified about having a baby, and convinced there was no way I could handle motherhood. I was overwhelmed with the thought of someone else being completely and absolutely dependent on me for their survival.

But that was six years ago and now I have three kids and I can’t picture my life without them. I snuck into their room tonight and stared at C for a few minutes, watching her chest raise and lower with each breath and thought, Wow I am blessed!

Six years happened fast, and at times, painfully slow and my little girl will be six in just a few short weeks so I’m excited to spend the next week hanging out with my best girl.

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