07-30-16 We made it!

It wasn’t the trip I planned, but we made it safely and are ready for bed!



We got out much later than we had hoped, and we were well on our way when we hit some pretty impressively bad storms so that slowed us down as well! And if you’ve ever travelled with small children, you know they have to go to the bathroom 10 minutes after their last bathroom break! Sigh!

At one point we got off on an exit and pulled off on the side of the road so that Big E could use the bathroom outside, and out of curiosity I checked our geocaching app and we were 135 feet from a cache! So, we took an extra two minutes to find it!


The kids love geocaching (we call it treasure hunting) and kept begging us to find more along the way. We found one more in Breezewood when we stopped for gas.

Overall, it was a nice drive, just late when we got in. Baby E was wired and just wanted to run around, so we had to wait for him to calm down until we could settle in for the night!

Let the vacation begin!!!


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