07-31-16 Finally Vacation!


Today was a pretty laid back day. The kids didn’t let us sleep in. Big E woke up with a smile on his face and couldn’t wait to get upstairs to say hello to his great grandparents. My normally timid child rushed upstairs to find great grandpa and show him all the toys in his back pack. Then he impatiently waited for his cousin to wake up so that they could play. We had a nice breakfast, a gator ride, and then played in the yard for most of the day. We brought bikes for the kids, and since the great grandparents paved their driveway, they had a lot of fun going up and down the small hill. We also took a nice walk on the train track.


We laid down this afternoon for what I assumed would be a short nap and three hours later we woke up! Whew! But I guess we needed the sleep.


We all love being up here and we are enjoying the quiet and spending time with the great grandparents.



I’m guessing that my posts are going to be pretty bare bones because even when the internet works, it seems to get bogged down when I try to upload pics.


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