08-18-16 Baby E’s Double Whammy

It was still light outside when I got the kids all settled in their beds and found my way to my room to spend time with Molly (the kitty formerly known as Talley.) I found her sitting on the bed staring towards the window, but she jumped a little as I sat on the bed next to her. She is still getting used to us and sometimes gets overwhelmed by her new surroundings. As I pet her head and listened to her purr, I laid my own head down on Tim’s pillow. I’ll just rest my eyes.  When they opened again it was dark.

I’m excessively tired tonight. Baby E was running a fever again today, so I left work early to take him back to the doctor. Unlike Saturday, this time he was actually exhibiting some symptoms, the main one being that it seemed like it hurt to swallow.

When the doctor announced to me that he has Hand, Foot, and Mouth I just stared at her. You’re kidding me, right? Could this be what spiked his fever on Saturday?

No. It wasn’t. He didn’t have a fever on Monday or Tuesday, and if it had been HFM then the fever would have been consistent. She maintains that Saturday was the result of the ear infection that the antibiotics have cleared up nicely. But since HFM is viral, the antibiotics won’t touch it so we have to wait it out. She thinks he’ll be better in a few days. We just need to keep his fever down. You know, the one thing that has me on edge right now. *sigh*

Thankfully my little guy is still drinking and eating after his Tylenol sets in. Please pray that he kicks this quick and that his little body gets some much needed rest.


In other news, we learned Molly is scared of thunderstorms. I had no idea that cats could even be afraid of storms, but yes I googled it and apparently they can. Any recommendations for calming a storm-terrified kitty?


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