08-19-16 A much needed slow day!


Baby E woke up without a fever this morning and maintained a good temperature all day!! He has blisters in his mouth and one near his bum, but otherwise seems clear. I’m not sure if others will start popping up, but I was pleasantly surprised that he was not miserable all day. The doctor said it would probably hurt a lot for him to eat, so he should drink juice to keep his blood sugar up.) He didn’t want to eat much of anything. He would take a couple of bites and then start crying and grabbing at his mouth. So then I offered him a cookie and suddenly he was more than willing to suffer through the discomfort!

The big kids were not thrilled that they didn’t get the same cookie treatment today. 

Tim got home late from work last night, so he slept in this morning, but when he got up, the big kids and I snuck away to the beach for an hour to get out of the house. It was hot and the sun was beating down pretty badly so we didn’t stay too long. C isn’t allowed near the water because her toe hasn’t fully healed from the great brick incident, so we stayed in the sand. Besides there are now jellyfish in the bay and the icky bacteria that we’d like to avoid.

They begged me to go to the farmers’ market this evening, but I told them that we still needed to keep Baby E away from people for another day or so, so instead we took a walk to our favorite stinky bridge and gazebo park. It’s been forever since we’ve been over there but it is really quite nice and peaceful.

We got home and had a short visit from some friends and then it was time for bed.

All in all, today was a happily nondescript day… and after the week we have had, it was exactly what we all needed!



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