08-21-16 Silence is Golden… Unless…


This morning Tim took the big kids to church with him. Baby E’s fever is long gone, and his spots are minimal, but I didn’t want to freak out any nursery workers so I opted to keep him home with me this morning. I heard Tim and the kids leave, the door closing behind them while we were both still in the kitchen. I was straightening up from breakfast and doing the dishes. After a few moments I thought, “Wow, it’s so quiet in this house right now!” Wait, not quiet. Silent? That doesn’t seem right. 

I looked up from the sink only to realize I was standing alone in the kitchen. Where is Baby E?  I called his name but he didn’t answer. So I dried my hands and walked towards our living room. As I rounded the corner by the sink I got hit with a wave of warm air. Strange! The ac is on. Why is it hot? It’s almost like the door is… OH MY GOODNESS THE DOOR IS WIDE OPEN!!! 

I ran to the front door in time to see Baby E sneaking down the outside step and onto the sidewalk!!

Apparently Big E was the last to walk out the door, and when he closed the door behind him it didn’t latch. A gust of wind must have opened it and Baby E couldn’t resist the temptation to explore.

Needless to say I rushed over and scooped him up, disregarding his protests and carried his flailing little body inside, firmly latching and locking the door behind us.


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