08-22-16 Monday Night Quiz!


  1. Why does Baby E look so surprised?

a. He just found out C’s birthday is this Friday, so that means cake!

b. He just heard the ice cream truck, and though he doesn’t eat ice cream, he does think it’s a jolly good tune.

c. He isn’t actually surprised. He is yelling at me to stop taking pictures of him.


2. Big E decided he did not like his sunglasses and he will only wear them when…

a. his head gets larger.

b. it starts to rain.

c. he wants x-ray vision.


3. Baby E is a very clumsy baby. In the past 24 hours, what has he not run into with his head?

a. a doorframe

b. a box of tools

c. the dishwasher


4. The kids wanted to play spies tonight. The spy names they gave themselves were…

a. Chrystal Spy and Catboy Transformer

b. Annie McSpygirl and Spiderman Flash

c. Emma Jean and Tyrannosaurus Pants


5. When Baby E wants more food he uses this word…

a. More!

b. Money!

c. Mama!


6. What will my children pull off of their pizza while simultaneously eating the same thing from a bag?

a. shredded cheese

b. pepperoni

c. cut up green peppers


So, how do you think you did? Comment with your answers and I’ll let you know tomorrow! Thanks for playing along!!

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