08-28-16 Butterflies


Her lunch is packed. Her backpack is ready. Her new dress is laid out. And this little girl is fast asleep in her bed. Tonight is the night before the first day of school.

She’s ready, man she’s ready. She told me the other day that the summer went by very slowly, which made me sigh a sigh of relief, because it flew by for me. She was excited tonight as she crawled into bed. And even thought of only knowing one other kid in her class did not seem to shake her.

If anyone has butterflies in their tummy tonight, it is me!

But she’s got this. She’s good.

And as the bus pulls away tomorrow morning I will be praying that she will be the same kind of kid that she was in kindergarten- the kind of kid that looks out for the other kids, even though she is the youngest. The kind of kid that makes friends with the outcasts and the lonely kids. The kind of kid that stands her ground to defend what’s right. Because that’s who she is and I love her even more for it!

So good luck tomorrow, C. Mommy and Daddy are rooting for you! We love you and we know you are going to have an amazing day!!!

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