08-29-16 First Day!


I’m sitting here staring at a pile of papers a quarter inch thick that I have to go through- PTA membership forms, volunteer interest forms, Codes of Conduct and such. I like filling out paperwork. It’s a strange quirk, but I enjoy it.

C did amazing this morning. She got up and got dressed. She hurried downstairs for breakfast. She filled her little pencil case with pencils and trinkets to take to school. She put on her shoes and hurried outside to sneak in a few minutes of riding on her scooter before the bus came. Last year she was nervous and excited, this year she was just excited. She insisted that our new neighbor girl sit with her on the bus because she didn’t want the little girl to be scared. She tried to grab her hand as the bus pulled up, but they got separated in the shuffle, however once they were all on board, they settled into the same seat together, smiling and waving out the window.

She was tired this evening, which I expected, so we took it easy and spent time reading and playing. The boys missed her terribly today and both of them wanted her attention this evening. When she is tired, she does not volunteer information, but I was able to learn more about her teacher, which friends she saw, where they went for recess, and that she had a good day.

Her backpack was heavy, teaming with paperwork, her lunchbox, and her newest library book. The lunchbox held most of the lunch I had packed for her still intact, proof she talked more than she ate during lunch today. She undoubtably had a lot of catching up to do with her friends.

All in all, I would say the first day of school was a success!

Point Blur_Aug292016_195746

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