09-16-16 Samwise, The Quiet Hero

There’s a book I have been trying to read for well over a year now. I had a late coffee, so I am going to try to sneak in a chapter or two. It’s a thriller by two of my favorite authors.

I love to read. I love nearly everything about reading, except coming to the end of a book. My favorite type of books are classic British literature, but my all time favorite book is Lord of the Rings. The first time I read that book it took me an eternity to get through it (ok, how about three months.) I found a mistake (or perhaps omission) in it that always drove me crazy. (When Samwise is in Shelob’s cave, he puts on the ring. Tolkien never says when he takes it off.)

Samwise Gamgee has always been one of my favorite characters in literature. He is both complex and simple. He is loyal, strong, and selfless. He’s the kind of brave that moves forward even when everything tells him he shouldn’t. He loves fiercely. He sees goodness when others no longer can. And of all the characters to have worn the ring, he was the only one that walked away relatively unscathed. You see, he didn’t have any desire to use the ring, to control its power. He saw it for what it was, a corruptible influence as he witnessed its consequences on a daily basis.

While it was Frodo who carried the ring to Mordor, Sam is the real hero of the story- the quiet hero, the unsung hero. Frodo would never have made it there without him. But I doubt Samwise would call himself a hero, he’d probably say he was just doing his job.

If you’ve never read the books, I highly recommend them.

(sorry, this post was an absolute tangent!)

Big E made a volcano in school today. 


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