09-17-16 The Block Party

Our church had a block party this evening. It was a chance to invite the community for a picnic, games, etc. There was a moon bounce, so my kids couldn’t wait to go. We invited two of the kids’ friends that live in our neighborhood to come with us, and we all packed in the van and showed up. It was definitely more challenging to keep track of five kids instead of 3, but we all had a good time and the kids had fun bouncing in the bounce house, sliding down the giant slide, getting their faces painted, and playing tug of war. The kids ran hard and played hard. It was great to see them have so much fun!


She wanted her face to be painted like a fox. The girl that did it did a fantastic job!

The bounce house was a huge hit!

The giant slide was a favorite for Big E. He must have done it 50 times!

They also got to hang out with some cousins, so that’s aways fun!

The kids were certainly ready for bed this evening, in fact, Baby E begged to go to sleep. So they got a bath (gotta wash off all that paint!) and they went straight to bed, exhausted from their evening adventure!

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