09-19-16 A Sweet Moment

Hey C, come in here! I called to her as I stood at the stovetop stirring the pasta. She came running in as I waved a small bottle of nail polish in her direction. Her eyes got big as she pulled over a chair and made herself comfortable. As I loosened the bottle, she begged to do it herself. She has often asked, and I have always said no, but tonight I decided to let her do it. I reminded her to only do nine of them. The toenail she dropped the brick on at the beginning of August is black as night, but hasn’t fallen off yet, even though it is beginning to get loose. Ugh.

I smiled as she contorted herself into a position better for painting. She took her time and with extreme care painted each toenail. When she was done she looked up at me and smiled.

It was a sweet moment.


C’s party invitation

Have you noticed that birthday parties have gotten pretty serious?!? With the invention of Pinterest and Etsy, there is no end to the creativity that can go into a party. I did a Pinterest-worthy party once, it was the year that C turned two. That was the last time I really ever attempted it. It took weeks of prep and hours of crafting to pull it all together. It felt like a right of passage to accomplish it, to be able to say we did it. It looked absolutely awesome, but guess what?!? My kid really didn’t care. So now when we throw a party we opt for something simple… the park… pizza… cake… playground. The kids have a blast, clean up is a breeze and they can invite as many people as they want (C invited her entire class, and a handful of them showed up!)


I went through all the photos from C’s party and there were a ton, but most of them included pictures of kids I don’t really know, and I don’t feel comfortable posting them without parents’ permission. So here are the photos that didn’t contain C’s classmates or that I could easily crop them out of.

Thankfully the party was a hit for the birthday girl!!

(PS- I totally just Doctor Googled how long it takes toenails to fall off… The answers I found ranged from 3 months to about a year!!! Goodness, I thought it was a much faster process!!)

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