09-20-16 Nearly Every Night


Nearly every night Baby E wakes up between 10:30 and 11:15. In fact, I would say this happens at least 5 nights a week. Sometimes I hear him calling me as I lay in bed, other times I hear hysterical screaming coming from his room. There are times when I can sneak in, give him his paci and sneak out. Other nights he is inconsolable.

Last night Tim heard him first and came to get me. Baby E was in hysterics, sobbing and screaming. Big tears were running down his face and he struggled to breathe because of his wailing. He seemed to be able to focus on us, so I don’t think it was a night terror, though all the other symptoms were there.

Finally we brought him downstairs. He screamed and kicked. I got him some cold almond milk and he tried to toss it to the floor. When I put it to his lips, he seemed to wake up. He stopped crying and started gulping the milk. He would pause, bring the cup down a little, stare at me and smile. Then he would start drinking again. I took him upstairs and held him for awhile, rocking him in his room. He was in a great mood and talked quietly to me. Finally I laid him in his bed. He smiled again, asked for his paci and said night night. And just like that the episode was over.

I’m not sure why this happens so often, or why it always happens at the same time. I’ve tried various things like going into his room around 9:30 and adjusting his blankets or turning off his fan in order to help him stir a little and hopefully preemptively interrupt his sleep schedule (this is recommended for night terrors), but it still seems to happen. Hopefully it is a phase that he will soon outgrow!!

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