09-21-16 Good night!


This little fellow hung out with me this evening as his siblings were in Awanas at church. He fussed when I carried him into the grocery store, but once inside he begged to be set down. He held my hand as we wandered the store. I would stop, take something off the shelves, gently hand it to him and watch him toss it into the basket. With each successful throw he would clap his hands together and say “Yay!!”

The ride home was not even five minutes, and yet he protested the entire way, indignant that he had to be strapped in his seat. Once home, he complained when I walked him to the mailbox, and he wailed when the neighbors said goodnight. I brought him in and he whined about his shoes and he shrieked when I told him it was bedtime.

And then he saw Molly. Litty Litty Litty is what he calls her. He saw her run upstairs, and that was motivation enough to follow her. Once there, he didn’t complain about brushing his teeth or getting his diaper changed. Instead he smiled sweetly and chatted nonsensically to me. When he asked for his paci I told him not until he was in bed. He ran to his crib and lifted his arms.

Once snuggled in under his blankets he looked at me and smiled. Night Night! He grinned and as I walked out of the room and closed the door I heard him whispering and giggling to himself.

Goodnight sweet boy. Sleep well!

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