09-24-16 Summer Really Is Over

We didn’t need our beach pass to get on the beach this morning…

The pirate ship is closed up and the swings have been taken down…

Rita’s is closed…


I guess summer is really over.


This morning seemed like a good time to hit the beach while the weather is still a little warm. The sky was overcast and there was a constant breeze, but other than that, the beach was perfect. C and Baby E went with me and we spent a couple of hours playing in the sand. C made sand cupcakes… yummy… and Baby E compared small rocks.

I found 76 sharks teeth without even going near the water! C played on the pirate ship for awhile. We finally headed home when we got hungry.

After nap time we got up and headed out to the kids’ favorite restaurant for dinner… IHOP. It’s been ages since we have all gone out to dinner together, and even longer since we have been there. We tell the kids every time we go there that they will regret their decision to order the funny face, i.e. – a chocolate chip pancake with whip cream, but they insist on ordering it and succumb to a sugar stupor within moments! However it was wonderful to spend time together as a whole family.


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