09-25-16 Handsome Guys

It was dark when I left the grocery store this evening… chilly too. Further witnesses that the days are getting shorter and summer has retreated. I knew my 7pm Starbucks run was a bad idea, but I plowed through anyways, determined to get through my list of chores this evening.

I like grocery shopping alone. It’s a necessity really. With three small kids I would spend more time chasing them down and less time adding things to my cart. I can’t imagine a more pointless exercise. So I leave them at home. For a few hours it is quiet.

When I got home they were already asleep, but I will sneak in and give them kisses before I go to bed.


I dressed Baby E in a tie this morning, and even though Big E was already dressed for church, he insisted on matching his brother. He said he wanted to look more like a man. So, I obliged and found him a shirt and tie. My boys were very handsome this morning!


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