09-27-16 Benadryl, My Benadryl

I took a Benadryl just a few moments ago, so I probably have a good 18 minutes before I completely pass out for the evening!

Tim and I have an ongoing disagreement. Whenever I get a cold, I take Benadryl at night. His argument is that Benadryl is for allergies, not colds, and really doesn’t help with the symptoms. I can conceded that he has a valid point, however, Benadryl knocks me out pretty strong, so I figure if I’m sleeping, the symptoms won’t bother me anyways! And that’s what your body needs to fight a cold, right?? Sleep??

The problem is I usually take it too late in the evening and then have a Benadryl hangover in the morning. I decided to try taking it right away and hopefully I will avoid that!

I can already feel it working. That stuff is potent!


The kids actually did great at bedtime this evening, especially once I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well. They crawled in bed and didn’t fuss. They also both wished me a good evening and a get better soon before I closed the door.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Good night!!

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