09-28-16 The Snarfle Monster

“Jesus loves me!” He said proudly as we walked to his classroom. We had practiced this phrase all morning and he was ready to recite it to his teacher. Big E is loving Cubbies. He really has enjoyed going each week, and asks almost daily if it is Cubbies night. Tonight he earned his vest and painted this picture.


C was eager to show me the book she wrote for me during class. (I got out of bed. I love my mom and my dad. I just love my family.)


Picking the kids up from their classes is always kind of daunting. Three kids… Three classrooms… All of them tired, yet all of them hyper. Getting them to the car without a scene is next to impossible, so this evening I decided to try something preemptive.

We would be spies… hiding from the Snarfle Monster. (In case you are wondering, the snarfle monster, as described by my children, is a large nose that drips boogers that turn you into blood if they land on you. It seemed a little graphic to me, as I imagined a large round monster covered in long curly hair that made snarfly noises while it walked, but I digress.)

Anyways, I convinced the kids that it was safer if we travelled together so the Snarfle Monster couldn’t get us, so they stuck close by through the parking lot. They hurried to the van and got in their seats very quickly and closed their eyes. The Snarfle Monster chased us out of the parking lot and down the road, where I was instructed that I should drive fast, but not too fast because we don’t want the police to stop us. Fortunately for us, the Snarfle Monster was apparently zapped by some lightning, and therefore couldn’t chase us all the way home. We arrived home happy and smiling and ready for bed. Minimal fussing and everyone was fast asleep!

Thank you Snarfle Monster for making our evening a breeze!

And a huge shout out to all the people that volunteer their time to Awanas. I know a lot of planning goes into each week. The kids love it and they learn so much. Thank you!!

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