10-01-16 Creepy Parenting Moment

I was trying to figure out what I was going to share with you this evening, and all I could come up with was that we had a lazy day, played with Legos, and visited Tim’s parents this evening for a little while.

But as I was sitting here at the computer I heard it…

There was a strange noise coming from upstairs. The kids have been asleep for nearly two hours, but this is about the time that I might expect to hear Baby E make some noise. I stood up and by the time I got to the stairs, I heard what sounded like hysterical laughing. A kind of cackling laughter that didn’t sound like any of my kids. This totally freaked me out and I ran upstairs to see that the kids doors were still closed. We leave the bathroom light on for the kids, and I heard the laughter coming from there. When I turned the corner I found Big E standing on the step stool, both hands reaching into the sink and he was hysterically laughing, a kind of laugh I have never heard come out of his mouth. When he saw me he stopped and just smiled at me with a huge, unnatural grin. I asked him a few questions and he just stared… smiling… I asked him if he knew where he was. If he had gone to the bathroom. Why he was laughing. All of a sudden his whole demeanor changed, his shoulders sank down and he started to quietly cry.

I scooped him up and took him to my room and held him as we sat on my bed. He seemed very confused and sad. I asked him some more questions, just to make sure he was awake. He didn’t seem to remember anything and couldn’t remember being in the bathroom at all.

Then he perked up and asked me what Baby E was doing. I told him that he was sleeping. At my response, Big E started laughing that hysterical laugh again. He quieted quickly and got sober again. I asked him if he was ready to go back to bed and he nodded yes. I carried him to his room. I asked for a hug and a kiss, and he gave me both (so I could tell he could follow instructions) and then he crawled back in bed. I put the covers on him and he rolled over to go back to sleep.

I have no idea if he will remember this in the morning, but I am guessing he will not. I think this might be the first time that any of my children have sleepwalked, and I have to admit it freaked me out, especially the cackling laugh!!! I’m praying he stays in bed for the rest of the night. I called Tim and relayed my story and he told me that his siblings often walked in their sleep as young children, and I know I did it too. I praying this isn’t a trend for Big E, though, cause I doubt my nerves can take it! Ha ha!

**update** Got off the phone with my sister and she told me C used to sleepwalk when she would stay with my parents when she was younger. So there’s a precedent, I guess!

Have you or anyone you know ever had a similar experience? I’d love to hear about it!!

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