10-06-16 One of those days… or not

Today was one of those days…

Well, to be honest, I don’t usually have days like today. Most of my days are pretty mundane.

I rarely blog about work. Rarely. Close to never.

Well today, we looked out our windows to see police cars swarming around our building. There were at least a half dozen parked out front. There were more on the side street. There were some parked a few hundred yards away. Flashing vehicles drove up and down the street. I lost count. Multiple agencies. A helicopter. The police started putting on bullet proof vests. Some were carrying rifles. Several were making their way to the building behind mine.

Apparently a man was seen carrying a long rifle or AR15, so a strong police presence was sent in.

After a little while we got the clear that the man in question was an off duty member of the military and the situation was being handled.

Thankfully it ended well.

I don’t go to work everyday wondering about an active shooter situation, but every once in awhile it crosses my mind. Columbine. Virginia Tech. The Navy Yard. With those in mind, I was thrilled to see the strength of the response today.

I got home to my babies, looking forward to a nice quiet evening in, and completely not anticipating the meltdowns that awaited me, so dinner and bedtime were pretty rough. But everyone came around eventually, and we enjoyed some nice cuddles before sleep.

I remember last year C’s school did Bad Guy Drills. She told me all about them and how the teacher had them hide. It made me so sad as she rattled off the scenario.

Bad Guy Drills. 

hate that my kids have Bad Guy Drills. I hate that they are necessary. But I am so thankful they are in place.

I’m thankful for the men and women that put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. I am thankful for those that strap on bullet proof vests and carry guns each day so that we don’t have to. I’m so thankful for the people that run towards trouble when most people run away.

Thank you and God Bless.


My prayers are for Florida tonight as Hurricane Matthew bears down on them. May God protect those still there and bring them safely through the night.

*update* It was a rubber rifle used for training.

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